SD-WAN: Why your ISP is sweating

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SD-WAN. What is it? Why should I care about it? When should I consider it? Who do I contact to help me answer all these questions?

These are probably questions that may pop in your head when you hear the term “SD-WAN“, hey, it might not. Of course we aren’t mind readers but we are IT Guys and that usually means we can give you some guidance when it comes to new technology and buzzwords…yup I said it BUZZWORDS!

If you had a penny every time you heard Cloud, Next-Gen or Machine-Learning, you might be the reason we have a change shortage in America right now! SD-WAN is of course one of the latest in the hit buzzword playlist of 2020 and it’s on a train going full steam ahead. SD-WAN is simply allowing businesses to take advantage of multiple low-cost internet circuits, increasing reliability and bandwidth all while reducing latency on the information superhighway to all of the hot cloud-based apps like Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, and many others.

Now that we’ve covered the what, lets take a look at the why.

2020 seems to be the year of statistics so lets pull some up…according to an article found on techjury:

  • Globally, the public cloud computing market could exceed $266 billion by the end of 2020.
  • By the end of 2020, 67% of enterprise infrastructure and software could become cloud-based.
  • 85% of businesses worldwide are already making use of cloud technology to store information.
  • Cloud computing covered 37% of the global IT budget for 2019.
  • 94% of the internet workload will be processed in the cloud by 2021.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) has the highest market share (32.4%) for cloud computing.
  • 67% of enterprise infrastructure will become cloud-based in 2020.

That’s a TON of money (actually like 3,000 tons of $100 bills) and a LOT of traffic. With all that money at stake and all that traffic headed towards the cloud, why not get the best, fastest route to your destination? SD-WAN providers give you the best Point-of-Presence or theoretical “highway exits” if you will. Getting an one of these “exits” right next to where you “work” saves you time and everyone knows…time is money!

SD-WAN bridges the gap utilizing multiple, low-cost circuits

Another why that SD-WAN takes care of is the exponential cost of high-availability / critical SLA enterprise circuits like T1s, Fiber or MPLS and others. SD-WAN can utilize multiple, low-cost circuits with little to no SLA’s or Service Level Agreements (this is what determines how long your internet can be out for, how slow it can be and how bad your connection can be). These multiple circuits can be combined with each vendor’s own special blend of herbs and spices to give you great internet connectivity at an unbeatable price.

So we’ve covered the what, and the why so next we should cover the when.

Bet you didn’t expect to see John Cena on an SD-WAN discussion?

Much like a circa 2015 Unexpected John Cena, The Time is Now. Whether you are running a small business in a rural community struggling with connectivity options or a large enterprise in metro-downtown looking to hop on that internet fast-lane, SD-WAN seems to have a little something for everyone.

Grab a 15 minute meeting now to discuss how SD-WAN might be able to help your business succeed and slingshot into 2021.