Here's a quick rundown of our most common services

This is everything-IT your business needs in today’s tech-first world. Phones, Computers, Servers, Cabling, WiFi, Backups, “Next-Gen” Anything, [Insert Today’s IT Buzzword Here]…I think you get the point.
Not ready to be fully managed? We can point you in the right direction.
Something breaks? We fix it. These are usually emergency calls. Moving to managed IT Services helps you minimize these expensive and unexpected "Break/Fix" events.

We staff trained and certified divers that are capable of performing technology services such as installation, maintenance, repair of underwater IT equipment such as pool and aquarium cameras. Our divers are certified to operate to a depth of 130 feet.

Fun Fact: We may be the only IT company in PA and the northeast with this service offering!

Explore in detail

That paperweight on your desk? Yeah, let’s turn that into a unified communications machine! Smartphone apps, texting, voicemail to email, those fancy automated prompts big companies have…yup, all yours.
For when the unexpected happens. Recover quickly from flood, fire and ransomware.
Electricians power your lights, our cables power your networks.
Put WiFi everywhere…seriously everywhere. Did you know 90% of the web browsing in your office is done from the bathrooms? We also heard 45% of statistics are made up on the spot.
Keep an eye on your assets, employees, customers or just throw up a camera to enjoy the view where ever you are in the world.
The majority of problems stem from old, tired, outdated equipment. Fortress Telecom can recommend what to replace if you’re looking at doing a major overhaul or we can work together to create a roadmap to get your business back on track. Once you’re up to speed we want to focus on a maintenance plan that meets your budget and keeps everything running like a well oiled machine.
The gateway to your business data and the first line of defense.
We provide Tier 3 remote hands for when you just can’t be there. With the capability to set up an Augmented Reality (AR) call, you can feel like you're actually there. We have a variety of tools and supplies on-hand for rack and stacks, ethernet and phone line repair, serial and console cables. Specialized environment? We come prepared with steel toes, hard hat, safefty glasses and are certified to work on elevated platforms.

Put into laymen’s terms we’ve been called

  • The Tech Company
  • The IT Guy
  • A Digital Plumber
  • Genius with a Keyboard
  • That Nerd Over There

...and probably a few others that weren’t within earshot or we just can't mention.